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Since 2012, I have used social media as a tool to build a loyal community and brand awareness. I have worked with social media for the Northeast Conference, Eye on the Tigers, Based in Wire and WTBU Sports. 

For the Northeast Conference, I used social media to connect with fans during championships. Social media was key in building a loyal following that later allowed me to implement a successful subscription service. With WTBU Sports I revamped our social media strategy, which led to an increase in followers and engagement. 


Here are some Twitter Takeovers I conducted.

Men's hockey forward Sahir Gill

BU alum Kevin Shattenkirk

For Northeast Conference:


- Managed sport-specific accounts for championships

- Shared live championship updates

- Engaged with fans through polls and questions



- Created excitement around championships and contests

Shared behind-the-scenes content and sneak peeks

- Posted videos and photos during championships


For Eye on the Tigers:


- Posted in-game updates

- Shared breaking news

- Publicized stories, features and infographic

- Tweeted images optimized for social media


- Publicized blog content, including breaking news

- Shared infographics

- Posted videos


- Posted Throwback Thursday pictures

- Shared in-game and pre-game photos

- Created graphics like quote pictures


- Shared goals

- Posted old highlights


- Shared exclusive, in-game highlights

- Posted behind-the-scenes looks to Snap Stories


- Shared quotes, photos and Gifs


For Based In Wire:


- Captured creative stop-motion videos featuring beads


- Shared pins about organizing, cleaning and other jewelry tips

- Post pins of finished products


- Created and share fun pictures

- Post pictures of jewelry in progress as well as finished pieces


- Shared blog posts and other content

- Publicize pictures


- Publicized posts and photos

- Share custom-made jewelry


For WTBU Sports:

Twitter &Facebook::

- Tweeted Fact of the Day, Picture of the Day and in-game updates

- Organized Twitter Takeovers where BU athletes tweet from @WTBUSports to share unique experiences

- Generated fan interaction through questions, Trivia Tuesday, Fact or Fiction 

- Publicized all articles, broadcasts, live blogs and other WTBU Sports coverage

- Implemented Twitter Takeovers, which featured current, former or future Terrier athletes taking over @WTBUSports



- Posted Picture of the Day that engages fans by asking questions such as, "Which BU athlete is this" or "Which arena was this photo taken at"

- Posted pictures from various BU sporting events


- Archived all Twitter Takeovers

You can find all the Twitter Takeovers I have organized on WTBU Sports' Storify page.

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