WoC Mentorship Program

In September, I started a W/NB/ToC in sports mentorship program, intended to create a supportive community for women/nonbinary/trans of color.

As a woman of color in hockey, I’ve often felt very alone. There are some women, but very few people of color. In the space of college hockey specifically, I’m the only woman of color. One day I was really struggling with not having anyone else to go to or talk to. I tweeted about how lonely and difficult that is, and I was met a lot of support, especially from women of color in other sports. That’s when I realized how important having this specific subset of solidarity is. 

I created this mentorship program so that other young, aspiring W/NB/ToC in sports can connect with W/NB/ToC mentors who have faced similar challenges. The W/NB/ToC mentors that I have had have been the difference makers in my career.

While this is only in the beginning stages, I hope to turn this into a valuable resource for W/NB/ToC in sports.

  1. Create a mentor/mentee relationship for W/NB/ToC to help navigate challenges of being a W/NB/ToC in sports
  2. Create an overarching community of support for W/NB/ToC in sports
  3. Create unique shadowing and learning opportunities for W/NB/ToC in sports

I’m still in the process of pairing up mentors and mentees, but need more people to sign up before I can move forward.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at jashvinapshah@gmail.com. I am more than open for feedback. Thank you!

Those wishing to participate can sign up here.