Prompt: Forward

Before Adam opened his mouth, his mother spoke. “If you are not charging my client with anything, I suggest you let him go.”

Adelray looked at their watch. “We can hold him –”

“We have time,” Olander said. “And we can sit here all night.”

Adam pulled at the sleeve of his sweater.

“He has no comment,” his mother said, leaning back in her chair.

“All we’re asking is a simple question,” Orlander said. “You were the last person to see him alive. And we head it wasn’t a pleasant conversation.

“How do you know that?” She said.

“We can’t share details of the investigation, ma’am,” Adelray said.

“Nothing,” Adam said. “It was nothing.”

“Adam,” his mother said.

“No mom. This is dumb. It was just a stupid fight from that stupid party. Rick, one of the forwards on our team, left without telling me and I was mad and I just yelled at Marcus for it. That’s all.”

“Where did you see him?” Orlander said.

“At a party. Friday night.”


“You yelled at Marcus because of Rick?” Adelray said.

“Ok fine. We were fighting over some dumb girl. Some girl that Rick liked and Marcus liked and Marcus was being an ass.” Adam tapped his hands on the table. “Marcus was always an ass. I can’t be the only one who’s ever yelled at him.

“Plus,” Adam said, avoiding his mother’s eyes, “Kid was a total party animal. I rarely went to his place but I’ve heard he deals in drugs. Like hard drugs. Whatever it was, I didn’t kill him.”

Adelray leaned forward. “Witnesses say you were very distant at the game you played the next night.”

“That was nothing. I just saw something and had a brain fart. Come on this is dumb. I didn’t do anything.”

His mother gripped his arm. “Either you charge my son with something or we are leaving. And I know you don’t have enough evidence to charge him.

“We still have plenty of time,” Adelray said.

“He can go,” Olander said, gathering up the folder. “For now. But we will have to ask for him again so we can finish our questioning. But it’s late. Go home. Go to sleep. We’ll probably call you tomorrow.”

When Adam and his mother left the room, Adelray turned to Olander. “Why did you let him go?”

“It’s late and he’s tired.

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